When this will happen:

October 2023

Enterprise Suites

Starting from October, with regard to Office 365 E1/E3/E5 and Microsoft 365 E3/E5, only subscriptions without Teams will be available. These subscriptions will be priced €2 lower than the current rates. If a customer wishes to include Teams, they can do so by purchasing a standalone subscription priced at €5.00.

Existing customers who already have an Enterprise suite (including Teams) at that time can continue to use and renew it.

New customers, from October onwards, can only subscribe to an Enterprise suite without Teams. If Teams is desired, they can obtain it in the form of a standalone Teams license.

Business Suites

Similarly, for Microsoft 365 Basic/Standard/Premium subscriptions, plans without Teams will be available. However, the current subscriptions that include Teams will continue to exist.

Existing customers who already have a Business suite (including Teams) can continue to use and renew it.

New customers can choose between the current subscriptions (including Teams) or the new, more affordable subscriptions without Teams.

Frontline Suites

The same applies to Microsoft 365 F1/F3 and Office 365 F3 subscriptions as for the Business suites. New plans without Teams will be introduced, while the current subscriptions will remain available.

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