We are excited to introduce a new and improved experience to search within chats and channels.  

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When this will happen:

  • Standard: We will begin rolling this out in early October 2023 (previously mid-September) and expect to complete rollout by late October 2023 (previously late September)
  • GCC: We will begin rolling this out in mid-October 2023 (previously late September) and complete rollout by late October 2023 (previously late August).
  • GCC-H: We will begin rolling this out in late October 2023 (previously late August) and complete rollout by early November 2023 (previously early September).
  • DoD: We will begin rolling this out in mid-November 2023 (previously mid-September) and complete rollout by early December 2023 (previously early October).

How this will affect your organization:

A few key enhancements include:

    1.  The new in-chat and in-channel Search experience will now be available in the right handrail, making it possible to see your chat/channel list and your new search results in one single view. The initiation can be done using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F(win) or Cmd +F (Mac):


      Afbeelding in nieuw tabblad bekijken


      Note: Search capability on the new Channels experience is currently available on the main view, and we will extend it to the conversation view very soon.

      Afbeelding in nieuw tabblad bekijken

    2. In addition to the keyboard shortcut, a dedicated button ‘Find in Channel’, placed on the channel info pane can be used to initiate contextual search:


      Find in channel
      Afbeelding in nieuw tabblad bekijken

      Note: we are working on bring the search entry point to the chat surface soon.     


    3. We now have introduced enhanced captioning and keyword highlighting to aid the discernment of results in chat and channel:

      Afbeelding in nieuw tabblad bekijken


pop-out chats
Afbeelding in nieuw tabblad bekijken

What you need to do to prepare:

No preparation needed. The new search experience is set up by default, but you may want to draw attention to these new capabilities in Teams.

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